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Wanda Seasongood and the Almost Perfect Lie by author Susan Lurie

Wanda Seasongood and The
Almost Perfect Lie

Release date: August 2020

In this twist-filled sequel to Wanda Seasongood and the Mostly True Secret, Wanda and her talking bluebird friend, Voltaire, return to the Scary Wood to rescue her older sister from a powerful witch. Will Wanda get the sister she’s been missing all these years, or the shock of her life?

After her first adventure in the Scary Wood, Wanda Seasongood lifts the witch’s curse on her parents only to discover that she has a missing sister named Wren. Wanda and Voltaire must return to the forest immediately to find her.

Along the way, they face tricky trolls, a gruesome giant, a barefoot banshee, and other friends and foes before they take on the biggest challenge of all: Raymunda, leader of the witches. In order to defeat the witch, Wanda will have to rely on Voltaire’s shaky memory and the witch’s son William, who rarely tells the truth. Is Wren who they say she is? If so, why doesn’t she want to return home with Wanda? And what is the lie that just might be the truth?

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